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On the Fly – 匆忙,無準備

明尼蘇達參議員Al Franken 因性騷擾而辭職。


I had to learn a lot on the fly. 意思就是“匆忙地”,“邊做邊學”,“馬上”等。英文的解釋就是:quickly and informally, in a hurry, without thought or preparation. 非正式的,沒有準備的。


  • The project was completed on the fly. 這個項目是匆匆忙忙完成的。
  • We grabbed some lunch on the fly. 我們隨隨便便對付了一頓午餐。
  • Sogo had to think up an explanation on the fly for his late return. Sogo必須馬上想出一個藉口解釋爲什麽晚回家。
  • Some of our DJs learned their skills on the fly. 我們有些主持人是邊做邊學的。
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