Bring Someone to Heel – 制伏,使就範,使聽話

Bring Someone to Heel – 制伏,使就範,使聽話


Several Chinese conglomerates are now so big, so complex and so indebted that the government is trying to bring them to heel. 中國一些企業集團太龐大,太複雜,債務太多,政府準備對他們進行整頓。

Bring to heel是很有用的短語。Heel原意是“脚後跟”。美國人訓練狗的時候,有時會命令它Heel!就是讓狗乖乖地跟在主人後面走。後來引申為“讓某人聽命,聽話”,“制服”或“使就範”的意思。To cause someone to obey, to force someone to act in a more disciplined manner.


  • The trainer’s effort to bring the lion to heel failed. The wild animal killed him. 馴獸師想制服那頭獅子,結果自己卻被獅子咬死了。
  • Sogo was brought to heel by his wife. 主持人瘦狗被老婆訓得服服帖帖的。
  • The president tried unsuccessfully to bring the media to heel. 總統管不住媒體。
  • The boss used kindness to bring his employees to heel. 老闆靠善言善語讓員工聽話。

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