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On the Outs – 感情不和,翻臉




But in June 2014, Moyo was again on the outs. 2017年6月,Mojo又失寵了。(總統當時責駡他搞陰謀)

on the outs (with one);on the outs 感情失和;(與某人)不和;(與某人)意見不一致; <美俚>閙翻臉了No longer speaking or on friendly terms (with someone); having a dispute or angry(with someone).


1)     He’s on the outs with her. 他們兩人關係出現問題。

2)     Glenn is not the only one on the outs with his boss. 老包不是唯一一個和老闆搞不好關係的人。

3)     He has been on the outs with his roommates since day one. 他和室友的關係從一天就惡化了。

4)The two neighbors have been on the outs ever since they fought over the fruit tree. 自此因爲果樹問題發生爭執之後,這兩個鄰居的關係就壞了

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