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Out of Whack – 不正常,有問題,失控

針對美國媒體對川普總統“通俄門”不依不饒的調查和報導,川普總統的顧問Kellyanne Conway對CNN電視台表示:Russia coverage is out of whack. 這句話意思是:媒體對俄羅斯的報導太失常了。(明顯帶有譴責的意思)

Out of whack 是常用的美國俚語,意思可以是“不正常”,“有問題”,或“失控”等。Out of order, not working, not in good condition.

Whack 有“打人”的意思,但也有“努力”,“嘗試”等意思。

它的另一個説法是Out of kilter。兩個俚語意思差不多。


  • We appreciate your calculations, but they were out of whack with the facts. 感謝你們提供是數據,但它們與事實不符。
  • A life-long hard labor threw his legs out of whack. 幹了一輩子苦力,他的腿不行了。
  • You can borrow my car, but the automatic window function is out of whack. 你可以借用我的車,但自動車窗不靈了。
  • The federal budget is out of whack. 聯邦預算一塌糊塗。
  • Sogo’s last minute change of topic threw Lao Bao out of whack. 主持人瘦狗最後一分鐘要換節目話題,讓老包無所適從。
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