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Stick up for somebody/something – 支持,維護

前段時間川普總統對北韓發了狠話,要讓他們“葬身火海”。之後,美國媒體質問總統,這樣措辭會不會太過激,他說,不但不過激,而且還不夠強。“maybe it wasn’t tough enough.”

“It’s about time someone stuck up for the people of this country.”

Stick up for somebody/something – 支持,維護;Support or defend (a person or cause)


  • I like someone who loves me and sticks up for me when others criticize me. 我喜歡愛我,支持我的人,尤其是當別人批評我的時候。
  • After the law suit, not even his parents would stick up for him. 訴訟結束後,連他爸爸都不支持他了。
  • I don’t need anyone to stick up for me! 我不需要你們挺我。
  • It’s about time you stopped smoking. 你該戒煙了。

值得注意的是:跟在 “It’s about time that somebody” 後面的動詞應該是“過去式”:

It’s about time that you retired. 你真該退休了。比較:It’s time to stop smoking.

It’s about time you told the truth. 你必須講實話了。比較:It’s time to tell the truth.

It’s about time you grew up. 你也該把自己當成大人了吧。It’s about time for you to grow up and become realistic.

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