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每週電影推薦 (八十七)


Mustang          (2015)             (《野馬》/《少女離家記》)

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“今日話題”節目主持人。 節目時間:星期一至星期五,早上8點到9點。 錯過節目的聽衆,可以在網上收聽無廣告版的“節目重溫”。


  1. For today’s topic, you should mention that Dorothy Rodham graduated from Alhambra High School.

  2. On Today’s topic, the news is FUD and fake.

    any sane person in IT would know the guy is either lying or just being ignorant!

    connect via a server and software is extremely common place. unless you have a static ip address (most home users don’t), you’ll need to use it to be able to remotely control your devices. several things he was wrong on

    1. there is no “socket”, its ip address and MAC pair!!
    2. there is not much you can do with the device even if someone hacks it.
    3. 99% of ip camera / nas does this. This is actually a feature to allow people who don’t have static ip address to be able to use internet connected devices

    imo, the only reason the guy complaints is because the server is in china.. which is idiot and stereotypical!

    please research the subject and don’t spread useless info/ fake info. if you need tech info / help, feel free to email me.

    Thank you

  3. just to add, the way these things work is follows

    *** the device has a special build in software that frequently connect to the server and tell the server where its at (send ip address) and server saves the ip address.

    so when you click on “turn on light” on your phone app:
    1. app sents “turn on light” to server
    2. server look for the sender’s ID, look up id, find ip address
    3. server send “turn on light” to ip address and to device
    4. light turns on

    the whole process is encrypted and proprietary, extremely difficult to hack and extremely limited to what you can do with it even if you managed to hack it..

    just FYI


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